If you’ve been here before, you know I heard about the Uberlist from Rachel.

2012 will be my second year of updating the Uberlist…and I’ve found I like how it expands my vision of what I want to do…it takes me out of tactical, day to day living and really gives me some things to wish and hope and save for.

Rather than a list of resolutions, intentions or goals, it is simply a very expansive To Do list…I love To Do lists…

Here is what it boils down to:

The idea is to make a to do list for the coming year with as many items as the number of the year – so for 2011, there would be 112 items. Some things are everyday tasks, some are bigger, some are things you would (should) be doing anyway and others are stretch goals, some are wants/wishes/hoped-fors and some are have tos.

If you want to start your own, it is essentially a three part process:

1) Choose 112 tasks – they should be simple, clear and measurable to the extent that you could say “Done” or “Not done” You may want to break big huge tasks into more easily accomplished steps.

2) Organize and categorize – this may be an optional step for some…but it seems to me that my goals tend to run in themes and that keeping like items together is a necessity to good organization. It makes it WAY easier to check things OFF a To Do list if you see them all in one spot.

3) Share your list. Or post your list. Or tape your list to the fridge. This accomplishes two things…it is forever in front of you to remind you what’s on it and public lists are harder to abandon.

One other thing…you might want to set a date with yourself to regularly review progress on your list…like…once a month or something.

Here is my updated list for 2012. Some things have been removed because they either don’t matter to me anymore or they are not possible because I no longer have the tools, equipment, books, etc.

1. EDUCATION: Attend some educational lectures
2. EDUCATION: Bible College
3. EDUCATION: Figure out iphone and ipad
4. EDUCATION: Finish Business Certification
5. EDUCATION: Read 12 MORE books

6. FAMILY - Project Life
7. FAMILY: Build blanket forts with Jayden and Noah
8. FAMILY: Do date nights once a month with my husband
9. FAMILY: Get to know Kellie
10. FAMILY: Go to the library more
11. FAMILY: Have a family movie night once a month
12. FAMILY: Have kid "dates" with each boy
13. FAMILY: Plant a garden with Jayden
14. FAMILY: Play more board games
15. FAMILY: Spend conversation time with my husband
16. FAMILY: Take a real family beach vacation
17. FAMILY: Take Jayden to Children’s Place
18. FAMILY: Take Jayden to see Imagination movers
19. FAMILY: Write love letters

20. FINANCES: Buy Gold
21. FINANCES: Lower the grocery bills
22. FINANCES: Pay off all credit except the house
23. FINANCES: Pay off medical bills
24. FINANCES: Save an extra $1000 this year
25. FINANCES: Stick Strictly to the budget

26. FUN STUFF: Attend some concerts with Jayden
27. FUN STUFF: Explore Charlotte as a tourist
28. FUN STUFF: Fly a kite!
29. FUN STUFF: Go camping in the back yard
30. FUN STUFF: Go on a picnic
31. FUN STUFF: Go roller skating
32. FUN STUFF: Go to the zoo
33. FUN STUFF: Have a fondue party
34. FUN STUFF: Jump rope
35. FUN STUFF: Make homemade ice cream
36. FUN STUFF: See the Nutcracker

37. HEALTH: Get laser eye surgery
38. HEALTH: Lose 30 pounds
39. HEALTH: Transition to Paleo

41. HOBBIES: Attend CKC Convention in Charlotte
42. HOBBIES: Complete 1 page per week scrapbooking
43. HOBBIES: Get published
44. HOBBIES: Go on a scrapbooking retreat
45. HOBBIES: Keep up with my blog
46. HOBBIES: Learn to make eggrolls
47. HOBBIES: Learn to play guitar
48. HOBBIES: Make more Christmas gifts
49. HOBBIES: Organize my scrapbooking projects database
50. HOBBIES: Submit my pages for magazine calls
51. HOBBIES: Take more pictures
52. HOBBIES: Work on Jayden’s baby book
53. HOBBIES: Work on Noah’s baby book

54. HOME: Build a screened porch
55. HOME: Buy new living room furniture
56. HOME: Hang art in the house
57. HOME: Hang curtains
58. HOME: Help Scott with the yard work
59. HOME: Paint the kitchen
60. HOME: Paint the living room
61. HOME: Plant some flowers
62. HOME: Re-caulk the master shower
63. HOME: Redecorate Jayden’s room with Spiderman
64. HOME: Redecorate Noah’s room
65. HOME: Redecorate the master bedroom
66. HOME: Reorganize my studio
67. HOME: Try Freezer cooking
68. HOME: Work on the back yard

69. MENTAL HEALTH: Get pedicures
70. MENTAL HEALTH: Have a “do without” month
71. MENTAL HEALTH: Have an “unplugged” week
72. MENTAL HEALTH: Have more lunch dates
73. MENTAL HEALTH: Invest in my own wardrobe
74. MENTAL HEALTH: Lose the perfectionism
75. MENTAL HEALTH: Wear more jewelry

76. ORGANIZATION: Clean out all our closets
77. ORGANIZATION: Clean out the garage
78. ORGANIZATION: Clean out the unused toys and donate them
79. ORGANIZATION: Have a yard sale
80. ORGANIZATION: Organize all my pictures
81. ORGANIZATION: Organize Jewelry
82. ORGANIZATION: Try One Year to an Organized Life

83. RELATIONSHIPS: Keep in touch with my friends
84. RELATIONSHIPS: Listen more, talk less
85. RELATIONSHIPS: Send Christmas photo cards
86. RELATIONSHIPS: Send thank you cards
87. SPIRITUAL LIFE: Financially adopt 10 children
88. SPIRITUAL LIFE: Go on a spiritual retreat
89. SPIRITUAL LIFE: Keep a gratitude journal every day
90. SPIRITUAL LIFE: Live up to my One Little Word – BUILD
91. SPIRITUAL LIFE: Memorize 12 more Scriptures from 100 Scriptures
92. SPIRITUAL LIFE: Read my Bible 5 times a week
93. SPIRITUAL LIFE: See Joyce Meyer in person

94. TRAVEL: Disney World
95. TRAVEL: Go to a Rodeo
96. TRAVEL: Go to Biltmore Estate for a few days
97. TRAVEL: Go to the Apple Festival
98. TRAVEL: Have a weekend away with Scott
99. TRAVEL: Have a weekend in Vegas
100. TRAVEL: See Charleston, SC
101. TRAVEL: Sleep in a castle
102. TRAVEL: Travel by train
103. TRAVEL: Visit California
104. TRAVEL: Visit China
105. TRAVEL: Visit Ireland
106. TRAVEL: Visit the Holy Land
107. TRAVEL: Visit Washington DC

108. WORK: Develop trust relationships with customers
109. WORK: Join IIBA
110. WORK: Start my own business
111. WORK: Work incremental goals for work
112. WORK: Work toward IIBA certification

I'll be popping in periodically to mark my progress!

Peace, ya'll!!

Accomplished in 2011:

1. EDUCATION: Read 12 books
(1) Nature Girl by Jane Kelley
(2) Clara and Mr. Tiffany by Susan Vreeland
(3) Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain
(4) A Beautiful Blue Death by Charles Finch
(5) The September Society by Charles Finch
(6) The Fleet Street Murders by Charles Finch
(7) Highgate Rise by Anne Perry
(8) Silent in the Grave by Deanna Raybourn
(9) Silent in the Sanctuary by Deanna Raybourn
(10) Silent on the Moor by Deanna Raybourn
(11) The Frightened Man by Kenneth Cameron
(12) The Bohemian Girl by Kenneth Cameron
(13) The Beekeepers Apprentice by Laurie R King
(14) A Monstrous Regiment of Women by Laurie R King
(15) A Letter of Mary by Laurie R King
(16) The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart
(17) The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey by Trenton Lee Stewart
(18) The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Prisoner's Dilemma by Trenton Lee Stewart
2. FUN STUFF: Eat Smores
3. FUN STUFF: Play with playdough
4. HEALTH: Eat more servings of fruits and veggies
5. HOBBIES: Make my own jewelry
6. HOBBIES: Make more Christmas gifts
7. HOBBIES: Attend a scrapbooking convention
8. MENTAL HEALTH: Watch less TV
9. RELATIONSHIPS: Cancel the cable
10. TRAVEL: Visit Minnesota
11. WORK: Work incremental goals for work
12. WORK: Work toward LBA