Thursday, April 07, 2016

big boy bed

This is my second layout made with the Doodlebug Hip Hip Hooray collection. I fell in love with the enamel dots and letters when I saw them on line, so you may be seeing those on my projects for some time to come. 

This is another of my projects that falls neatly into my more day to day design style - lots of photos and lots of story. 

My hope is that even though I don't do Project Life, my kids will get a great feel for what their lives were like through layouts like these. 

Some time ago, I took a series of classes on the basic foundations for layouts...this one is somewhere between a shelf and a grid...its one of my go to's for stacking lots of photos onto a page.

It is worth talking about why I don't do multi-page layouts anymore to accommodate lots of photos.

For starters, I like single pages. Its a canvas that I'm quite comfortable with.

Also, I have found that even a large event, one that generates tons of photos - say like Christmas, Easter, a school program - still produces micro-stories within the larger story. So, I may produce, for example, 4 or 5 Christmas 2015 layouts.  However one will be about the decorating tree, one about the gifts under the tree, one about opening gifts, one about the dinner, one about the aftermath...and so on and so forth.

If I stick to the smaller story, a one page layout works well.

This canvas size gives me room enough to tell a story, be artistic and use the right photos and still be concise. I am forced to edit myself to fit things onto the page - which makes me choose the right words and the right story...

All that to say....this is my sweet spot...

Peace, ya'll!

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