Tuesday, March 22, 2016


One of the greatest trends in paper crafts has been travel lines and camera images.

I'm a complete sucker for them both...even though I don't do much in the way of travelling right now in my life and I'm always at a loss as to how to use the cameras. 

Travel lines come in about a billion possible combos, from maps and compasses to suitcases, trains and airplanes. I 

The vintage cameras in paper, wood veneer, stickers and on all sorts of variations of paper. They are just SO CUTE!

And being the supply junkie that I very much am, they are hard to resist in their many forms!!!

Lucky for me, as the mom of boys, I can probably use airplanes on 10 or more projects with photos just taken around my house....

But oh, when you get fortunate enough to capture a toddler taking a photo of his stuffed friends in an airplane...

The angels sing and the stars align and out come the supplies that have been sitting around my work station waiting for attention....

I'm absolutely certain I got the idea to make the lines wonky from some brilliant scrapper who's layout I found and loved somewhere...but I can't find my original sketch nor inspiration....So, whomever you are, thanks for inspiring me!

Peace, ya'll!

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