Thursday, March 24, 2016


Here's a little quiz for all any long-time paper artists out there - who made the letter stickers I used in this title?

Answer is at the BOTTOM. 

This is a really great look at a little old a little new...and who would have thought you could mix doilies and headphones in one layout!?!?!?!?!
Still trying to work my way through the one-photo layouts...this one feels more like my style...heavy on the journaling, lots of ink splatters...and the page feels full. Hey, even a stuck clock is right twice a I got the proportions on this one right.

If I play enough, I eventually find my way to something that works. 

So here is my little secret ingredient...the top and bottom borders. 

They are dark, so visually recede, leaving the eye to only focus on the 8 or so inches of craft cardstock in between. I can totally work with that amount of space!  

The picture could really have gone on either side...but I settled on the left so that I could generate the feel of a line just off center and align things along that focal point.

And that doily!  It both grounds and highlights the photo.

And here is another little secret - this layout came togethe FAST!  Once the borders were on the page and I knew I wanted to work everything off that off-center line, it literally all fell into place. 

Add I also really like the subtle way that the cork gives texture on the craft background...its just different enough...

So, if you guessed that the letter stickers are old Sassafrass Lass, you are really really good!!!! Who still has those floating around in their stash!?!?!?

Peace, ya'll!!!

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