Tuesday, March 29, 2016

pasta face(s)

If you've seen my projects across any length of time, you are aware that I have a tendency to take the same kinds of shots of both my boys.

And then when I get the pictures back, I have a tendency to duplicate the corresponding projects...

If you ever wondered why, its because they EACH have books. (Ok, not so much books as piles of layouts dedicated to go into books that I'm going to build for each of them some day).

So...since the idea is that they will grow up (or at least get older) and leave my nest one day (hopefully), at some point marry and have children of their own (God willing), they can each have a book/set of books with their OWN stories...in addition to family stories. 

I keep books for me too. Because when they do all that stuff in the paragraph above, I'll be nostalgic for when their faces looked like they do in the layouts below...

I know I say to my kids at least once per day "wipe your face!" and I know my husband says it at least 200 times per day.

But kids get messy faces...and sometimes its stinkin' adorable to just see that messy face in all its adorable messiness. Kids gotta be kids, right???

Its important to document these moments when we aren't chasing them around with a napkin yelling "please clean that up!!"

Anyway, I don't often feel its necessary to reinvent the wheel just because I have a set of messy-faced photos of each boy. Hence I do duplicate layouts...one design, one color scheme, two stories for two books.

Plus, if I do a matching layout for each kid, they can't say I loved one of them more than the other when they are like 40 and fighting over who has to take mom in to live with them in her gray years.

Peace, ya'll!

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