Thursday, March 17, 2016


Another experiment with single photo projects - my challenge of late.

Not a single piece of 12 x 12 printed paper was harmed in the making of this project - this layout is all scraps!

Confession: I have buckets of scraps. 

They normally are seen again on cards, as Cricut die cuts, on projects for teacher gifts...or, sadly, in the file box where they land after a particular project is done. 

BUT...when I go to a crop, I have a special little envelope for my scraps. 

And when I go to a crop, I pack kits of specific supplies.

And when I go to a crop, I STICK to my kits of supplies.

So when I go to a crop, I tend to use everything up...even the scraps that get put into that little envelope for my scraps.

Sooooo....this one is all from scraps...a scrap of the AMAZING Bella Blvd Clear Cuts transparency. I love those things!!!

 I'm again not entirely sure about the proportions here...maybe a bigger pic? Bigger journaling?

Not sure...but this is in the "done" pile and its staying there.

I'm not a re-doer!

Peace, ya'll!

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