Tuesday, March 15, 2016

favorite place

In this day of taking more pictures with my cell phone than my camera, I find myself with a huge number of single pictures and not a clear plan on how to get them into stories. 

While Project Life would be a perfect way to keep track of these, I don't do that kind of memory keeping. (I know I know its awesome, I should start, What's wrong with me, blah blah blah)

So...I've got a bunch of single pictures, with stories of their own...

And I'm not a single photo sort of scrapper...

I always sort of looked at single photo scrapping as either a way for manufacturers to showcase their product or a way to get a ton of journaling on a page or a way to flex my artistic muscles. Not my day to day process for my projects.

But I'm willing to experiment and fuss around for art's sake. Any time I've done design team layouts, they have been single pic layouts with lots of products to showcase the company and so I'm not a complete stranger to the process.

So...out came the single picture sketches and off I went to create the feel of an art layout with my boy pictures.

It was harder than I thought...but seriously fun.

Most of my kid photos are straight up 4 x 6...as I went through this process, I think I'm going to have to work on sizing...the photo feels small, the proportions are harder to get right.

BUT adding outlining and mist and layers to build a whole gave me the feel.

Lets face it...my style is more simple when it comes to those boy layouts...

Its just SO FUN to mess around with techniques and style challenges.

Peace, ya'll!

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