Saturday, October 17, 2015

Playing with mixed media

One of the things I love most about paper and ink and glue and buttons...and just, well..all the lovely things I can the idea of playing. 

I'm not really a player - sssshhhhhhhhh!! Don't tell anyone.  

My time to hang in my studio and do things is often accompanied by a goal...pages or assignments or cards for a party or whatever. 

I don't even experiment when I'm at crops..I plan for a crop. It has a goal! As many pages as I can get done in my alloted time. 

See, I have these little boys and they like hanging out with them is very important. As such, when I get away to do a crop or retreat or even spend a few moments in my studio, I focus focus focus...



I have been doing classes from May Flaum for quite some time...and I love here anything-goes approach. 

And she plays... a LOT.

When I take one of her classes I feel BRAVE and so I get to experimenting on things I may not normally do in my PLAY with ink and paint and some fabric and some buttons and a few pins and a little embossing powder...

Mixed media is one of those glorious things...anything just make it feel right to you. LOVE goal...other than "I like it!"

So...I've got a little tag to share with you.

Badly lit and badly photographed and all.

There are so many bits and pieces here..I followed her instructions and just went looking for the little things hiding out in the containers on my desk so I could rid myself of some of them.

There are inks and some molding paste, some fabric, some paint, a water misting technique, metal, crocheted pieces, buttons, sequins, yarn, a paperclip...seriously...its all that and the kitchen sink!

I was so busy creating that I neglected to take photos of the process...which is precisely the point.

I have zero idea where this will get used...or if...but it sure was FUN!!!

Precisely the point!

Peace, ya'll!

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