Saturday, September 12, 2015

Retreat games

If you are attending a retreat of any kind, games are part of the fun.

Since I attend a retreat once per year (at least) and also many crops a year, I have seen my fair share of games.

Some of the fun ones:

Bingo...there are a ton of Bingo Card generators on line that you can use to make your own. The one I personally found the easiest is called Bingo can try it out here:

Who's Got the Bear (or dolphin, or doll, or elf, or monkey or whatever you have handy). In this game, the leader must first set a timer for some random amount of time. We used a kitchen timer. A very large and very purple bear (this game works best if the toy is QUITE visible to everyone in the room!)  is earned when a task is complete...say, completing a scrapbook layout. You keep the toy until somebody else completes a task and then they take it from you. You win if you are the holder of the toy when the timer goes off.

Who's Got A...This game is just one where the leader calls out a random object that might be found in a purse, pocket or scrap bag.  First to the front wins.

Yankee Swap...this has a ton of variations, but essentially, everyone brings a gift (legit, not funny) of a certain value, cleverly wrapped so as to entice. Numbers are drawn and each person in turn can either take a gift from the collection or steal from somebody else. if you lose your gift, you in turn can do the same. Some of the variations could be unwrapping the gift on your turn rather than at the end,  a gift can only be stolen X number of times, and allowing the last person to choose to swap again after all gifts are unwrapped.

This time, I've arranged for several games that I've seen played in my kids' classrooms of all things...

First up, the How Many game...For us, there are three jars included - one washi, one buttons and one brads...we have to guess how many there are. The number is tucked inside an envelope. Closest without going over wins...

Second is the Chocolate Scramble - this is a game that gets played at showers. There are a ton of examples out there. I searched for one that was printable that looked fun. Its just different names of chocolate treats that are scrambled and need to be unscrambled.

Next is How Well Do You Know Me? Again, there are a ton of variations of this game. I made up my own with fun questions like "What is her middle name?" and "Favorite musician?".

Finally, we will be unwrapping this gift...don't be fooled. Its much smaller than it looks. It is gift-wrapped I-don't-know-how-many-times...I do know I ran out of two rolls of wrapping paper to get it wrapped...its got like four or five or six or seven kinds of wrapping paper....the last one to unwrap the REAL thing WINS...and its a doozy too!!

Peace, ya'll!

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