Thursday, March 12, 2015

In My Skin

A few weeks ago, one of the articles trending on my Flipboard account was a very detailed set of instructions on when and how to wear ankle boots vs. when and how to wear knee high boots. 

I'll be honest, not being one of the fashion elite, I sort of needed this advice. So i opened it. But as I read it, the details of when and how all started to jumble together. I couldn't honestly see the difference between this pant and that pant or this hemline and that hemline...and in short, I ended up thinking - this article is for people who have so little security in their own clothing choices that they need a rule for everything. 

And that is where I had sort of an epiphany...

I'm talking about how to be BRAVE in your own skin, using the Inside Out BRAVE kit over on their blog today.

Please join me!

Peace, ya'll!

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