Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I WANT to be creative....

I really do...

As I work away at my job all day long, I dream of all the creative things I'll do when I get home.

I plot layouts, think about paper, organize my scraps, cut things with my Cricut, design cards, experiment with color combos, take photos...

All in my head.

While I'm working on computers that won't communicate, orders that don't find their way, requirements for the NEXT thing...

And I have great ambition to get into that studio and make a big old mess.

Then I get home....

And nobody has had dinner...

And its Cub Scout night...

And there is an adorable 5 year old blond boy child who wants to go to the park.


We make some sandwiches...

And homework is hastily finished and shoved into folders in back packs.

And then the big boy and my sweet man are gone, off to scout and discover together.

This wide-eyed boy says "can we go to the park now?"


Yes, my sweet son...the park.

And we swing and swing and swing....

He gleefully declares that he is "higher" than me on that swing and pumps with all his might to keep it up.

We run and he climbs and slides, climbs and slides, climbs and slides - one slide on every slide in this park.

Then we must visit the geese.

We must honk at them and get a good long look, but from a safe distance. They are almost as big as he is and he is unconvinced that they will not chase him.

There are frogs in that pond...we have to see if we can find one.

Of course he chatters non-stop, thus not a frog is to be found. They could hear his little chirp from miles away.

Back to the swings...and then its getting dark.

One more round of slides...a jump on the balance beam.

On the way home he gets the brilliant idea to do his brother's chore...lets get the trash all taken care of for Jayden.

We hurry - gathering all trash and all recycling so we can have the cans on the curb before they pull into the drive.

He races upstairs to put on pjs, brush his teeth, be ready to announce his good deed.

And then they are home and the house is full and it is a mad dash to the finish line - pjs, teeth, covers, prayers, kisses, hugs, I-love-yous...

Then its done.

Not one photo taken.

Not one layout made.

No cards, no cricut, no color combos...

Sure I could stay up late and force it....but I'm tired too now.

Little boys and their park shenanigans have a way of wearing out a person.

Pretending I can only go so high on a swing so a little boy can go higher is its own kind of creativity.

And pretending that he needs me to stand at the bottom of slide so I can catch him is creativity.

Swinging him in a big wide circle after each slide is creativity...

Assuring him that the goose can't hurt him in any meaningful way, pretending we might actually see a frog with all that chatter, pretending that I can't run any faster back to those swings...these are all forms of creativity.

And so, for this day at least, I must put off the documenting of my memories, the creating of things beautiful, the making of artful messes.

Because we have just been pretending, playing, running and plunging gleefully into just being together...

Sometimes, the making of the memory is ever so much better a form of creativity than the documenting of it.

Peace, ya'll!

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