Saturday, December 06, 2014

October Afternoon Santa Sack #2

I'm a great fan of October Afternoon's various lines...last year, I took advantage of their December Santa Sack sale and this year, when the opportunity came up I couldn't pass it up.

This year, I got the Week 2 Santa Sack. (although no two weeks are alike, so if you wanted a sack with different products, there are still two weeks left, plus a stamp sack at the end.

I was quite excited to see the box yesterday...

As usual, the Santa Sack didn't disappoint.:

This one had papers from Daily Flash Snapshots, Daily Flash Girl Talk, Daily Flash Eggnog, Daily Flash All Boy, Daily Flash Apple Cider, Daily Flash Milk Money, Holiday Style, Boarding Pass, Farm House, Travel Girl, Public Library, and Silent Night. (even though there is a huge mix here, I love how the colors of the OA lines all still go together and would work on layouts).

There are Mini Market letters in Kraft & Black, Sticky Keys in Teal & Cream, one chip board and sticker letter sets from Daily Flash, Daily Flash Apple Cider Stickers, two 6 x 8 paper packs from Daily Flash, Border Stickers and Sew Fun Banners from Travel Girl, and Word Stickers from Public Library.

The embellishments are also so amazing! There are three sets of die cut shapes from Daily Flash Eggnog, Daily Flash Snapshots, and Daily Flash All Boy. There are Doo-Dads from Public Library, and two sets of Memory Cards from Daily Flash Milk Money and Daily Flash All Boy. Some brads from Public Library, a Miscellany set form Witch Hazel and two washi rolls are included. Finally, two stamps from Daily Flash - one is the Decade stam and the other is the Catch Phrase.

If you are looking for a great infusion of new bits, pieces, tapes, letters and papers for your stash, this is a GREAT little investment.

I'm so ready to go play now!!!

Peace, ya'll!!!

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