Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas Eve

Today we will do as much of our family tradition - having a Star Wars movie day - as we can.

We will share a Christmas Eve service and then head to my family's home for our very first Christmas Eve ALL together.

Tonight we will read the Christmas Story from Luke and put out cookies and celery for benevolent Santa and say our prayers and sing Happy Birthday Jesus.

And after everyone is in bed, I'll make myself a hot drink and settle with my camera in front of the tree to take my annual Christmas Eve tree photo..

...and remember that a baby was born to save my soul.

I will remember that He could have come with all the force of heaven, in a violent and powerful kingly way...

But that He came instead quietly and serenely as a helpless baby to fully experience humanity.

All Praise to Jesus!

Peace to you all, this Christmas Eve.

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