Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Perfect - Two Ways

Very often, I find I have the same shots of my boys at the same general times in their lives...such is the case with these photos - both in the bath.

The stories are not exactly the same, but they are close enough...and when I find that I have the same shots and similar stories, I do double layouts.

These two layouts are based on an old sketch from the now defunct Allison Davis Sketch Support blog:

I adjusted the photo sizes to meet my own needs, but the results are otherwise quite close to the original.  The first layout is of Jayden and uses red and yellow a black background.

The version for Noah uses the same color combos, but in different proportions.

As I've often said, when you find yourself with the same pictures and a similar story, its easier to do both layouts the same time, following the same design. 

In the interest of getting my stories told, this is a great shortcut for me...and as each boy will eventually have the books for his own stories, they will appreciate that there were things that they shared, even three years apart.

Peace, ya'll

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