Friday, November 28, 2014

Card Friday

Its BLACK Friday.

I don't officially shop on Black Friday...except perhaps on line.

I refuse to become part of the "stuff for cheap" masses. 

Plus, people are crazy and I don't need that in my life.

But one thing that this day DOES mean for me: the Christmas Season can officially begin in the Krech household. 

For my kickoff, I wanted to share some awesome Christmas cards from my Embellish Kits November card kit.


Ok, really...there hasn't been one I didn't love...

This kit came with the DIY Christmas Die Cut pack from Simple Stories. I couldn't believe the variety and the GREAT pieces that were in that little baggy. 

They so beautifully coordinated that the cards go together in a snap. 

This little gem of a paper is from the December Documented line by Simple Stories. I like this line so much that I'm getting some more of the Simple Stories DIY line to make more cards.

So....Uh oh, and look out...I'm finally going to venture out on my own in this card making realm...

Peace, ya'll!

and for those of you shopping today - may the force be with you!

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