Monday, November 03, 2014

Big Boy Underwear

I was browsing the Autumn 2014 issue of Somerset Memories and came across the amazing black, white and one color work of Louise Nelson

Photography by Georgie Daniels

I seriously do not do her work any justice, but her work inspired me to do some experimenting with plain old acrylic paint and a texture tool plus my handy Heidi Swapp Color Shine Cherry mist...(Pardon the hearts, but little boys must be protected!!)

I wanted to get the effect of those vertical lines and mess around a little bit with being messy...
The hardest thing about this process is letting the project dry between steps enough to do the next step.  I found I'm not overly patient with letting paint dry. :-) 

I'm looking forward to exploring play with acrylic paint and ink some more. I see this being a great technique to mess around with. 

Peace, ya'll!

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