Wednesday, October 22, 2014

All In a Row

In my house, there is no doubt that there are boys...there are cars everywhere.

What can sometimes be odd is coming into the a room to find all those cars neatly parked on their "parking spaces" in a beautiful arc. 

I just know somebody has been at work!

This is the sort of memory that I know will be fleeting. Some day, they won't do this any longer...and while I have hurt my feet on such displays- and getting them to clean them up when its time is an act of Congress - I wouldn't trade these moments for anything

The My Minds Eye paper in this one was just amazing, because I was able to use both sides - plus the cars all in neat little rows were PERFECT.

The circle punches are raised a bit with dimensional adhesive and there are some mist splatters and brown edges...

This is an extremely simple layout, but it tells exactly the story that I hoped to tell and saves the memory in a way that makes it a memorable story.

And that is the point, right?

Peace, ya'll

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