Friday, September 26, 2014

Card Friday - Things on my radar

Sadly, I have no cards to show you of my own on this Card Friday post...but now that I've been sort of making some, I'm starting to SEE them more...and so, I'm sharing some of the things I'm seeing lately...

Now, to be clear - for me to engage in card making, I have to have the supplies on hand or be looking at a very simple approach. Complicated stuff is not happening for any card making i'm going to be doing.

So...everything I've found myself pinning has been simple and just unique in their way...

First up, these simple, but amazingly beautiful cards I found over on Handmade Cards - Bespoke Greeting Cards. These are elegantly simple, but its the chosen materials that make them so fantastic. My mind has been reeling with the possibilities of alternative materials used in very simple ways.

Next is this beautiful starry design by JJ Bolton that I found over on her blog Ribbon Girls. I'm in love with the layer, then mist, then layer, then mist, etc...its stunning.
Finally, these card ideas I found that are actually in a "things to do with kids" sort of blog - Molly Moo. They are done with potato painting of all things..I'm absolutely in love with each one of them and totally want to make cards like these!!!

The penguins are REDICULOUS cute!!!

What sort of simple and clever card ideas have you found? Link me up!!!

Peace, ya'll!

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