Monday, August 04, 2014

First Pumpkin Patch

Hello, beautiful people!!!

I'm working through some older papers and pictures (as usual...I'm never caught up!) Its been fun to see these sweet pictures of my sweet little...

He LOVES being outside and the running round that a pumpkin patch affords is like heaven for this little boy.

This was the first time he ever went to a pumpkin patch...he thought it both marvelous and a little scary.

Truely he could have stayed at the bean bags all day.

I stumbled across these buttons from Basic Grey while looking for simple embellies...I really do love them. I'm starting to wonder why I haven't used them before. They are just beautiful!

As I work through my old pictures and create layouts I'm struck more and more by how much I love telling the stories of these little  boys. I wonder sometimes if they will have the same memories as I do from these moments. I look forward to the days when we can sift though these layouts and I can hear "Oh, I remember that!" and hear their version of story.

Peace, ya'll!

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