Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Working My Style

I took a wonderful mini-course called "Style is Leverage" through Debbie Hodge's Masterful Scrapbooking Design and was able to organize myself in a way that works for my style.

I'm going to be going to a crop this weekend so, of course, I used some of the things I learned plus my usual process to get myself ready...

This is not normally a process I do all at once, but I can do things in sections in 15 minute spurts or while I'm watching a movie or something. I tend to do THIS process whether or not I have a crop to go to, because it makes it easy for me to pick up a group of pictures and get a layout done in the very sporadic blocks of free time I tend to have available.

First thing? Pictures!!!

When I get my pictures (I tend to order them every 30 to 60 days), I sort them into groups by event or idea for pages:

Once I've got pictures broken down by event or page idea, I go in search of sketches. I've got a number of sources for sketches. Some I have downloaded from layouts I love. Some I draw. Some I tear out of magazines. Some I have on my Sketches I Love Pinterest Board (you can see my board HERE).

How ever I come up with the sketch, I draw a copy of it onto some graph paper (or use a print out). Once I've got an idea of my page design and the pictures, I go to work on journaling. To journal, I pull out my pictures, open a new document in Word, and create a text box that is sized to the journal space available for my design and I type away.

After I get a few pages of journaling spots done, I print them out and cut them up.

I stack the journaling, sketch drawing and pictures (pictures in front), and put them all into plastic baggies:

As I go, I place these in a bin in my studio and just work from them through my layouts. Because I love sketches and can journal my story straight from the pictures, I've got everything necessary for the story right there.

On Friday, I'll talk through the other preparation step I do to make my process easy - kitting supplies!!!

Have a great day!!!

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