Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Two of a Kind

I’m not much of a fan for the whole matching outfit thing.

Although I will buy matching pjs or similar outfits (red shirts, red / white / blue plaid shorts) for my boys for events or pictures They have vastly different personalities and are quite vocal, so they often protest when I try to match them up.

The sweatshirt in these pictures was originally found for one boy and, of course thinking of pictures, I got the same shirt for the other.

Little did I know that the pictures would make that shirt look SO BRIGHT.

For scrapping, I had two basic choices…make it black and white or figure out a color scheme that would compliment the picture. 

I chose the latter and decided to use muted versions of the colors already in the shirt. I was looking for something very masculine and un-fussy in order to keep competition with that photo to a minimum and opted for the zig-zag line, compasses, and my favorite little enamel pearls…

So its not an overwhelming layout…but it DOES give the picture center stage – precisely what I was after.

What do you do with your difficult photos? How do you deal with color challenges? I know I have some photographer friends – what would you do with these shirts if a mother (like me) insisted that the kids wear them for pictures?

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