Monday, July 28, 2014

This Face

I have a number of weaknesses, among them, this face....

...and patriotic scrapbook supplies. I LOVE the supplies that come out each year with the red, white and blue plus stars, stripes, and the many, many variations.

The truth is that these pictures were taken on the Fourth of July, but they aren't really about that...They are about the cute, sunny, funny disposition of my older boy. He's a performer, a ham...always looking for his way to be the center of my attention. 

I love his little face - and the funny faces he makes with it!

This is pretty much all Simple Stories Sea to Shining Sea.

Its augmented with jewels from Recollections, washi from Pebbles, and a little fabric tape from Little Yellow Bicycle.

Simple and sweet...this is very much like HE is.

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