Friday, July 18, 2014

Smoothie Thief

Hello, everyone!!!

Today, I'm sharing a little project I did about my tiny one...when he was still tiny. 

My little likes sweet and fruity thing...I think orange juice must be his favorite thing EVER. When he was little I would take one look at those huge brown eyes and he could have nearly anything he wanted!  HAHA!

On this day, I was having a smoothie for breakfast and, of course, he wanted a sip.

Once I gave him the drink, tho, I couldn't get it back!!! That's my boy!

I am quite in love with polaroid frames and have been since they made their first "comeback."  I love that retro stuff...

So, I recreated some retro frames, added twine a bit of fussy cutting and my favorite Fancy Pants Letters. All of this on a standard black with white polkas and with some arrow borders...

Love telling these every-day-moments!

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