Saturday, June 21, 2014

Hooray Ears

Back when I got Creating Keepsakes magazine religiously, I cut pictures of all the beautiful layouts out and saved them in a file. Since I work mostly from sketches, when I am searching for sketches for a layout, I break out all those beautiful pictures and sort until I find one that seems to fit.

I've had the sketch for this layout (and its original picture) for so long that I have no inkling of who designed the original layout. I LOVE how this turned out, but it is not in my usual style.

I also love those ears kiddos...they love the ears! I think I've got some version of these shots for both kids for every year they have been alive. One of those weird family traditions, I guess. I wonder if they will still wear the ears when they are in high school or have kids of their own?

Once again, its the shelf approach. However, this time, the balance is different and the layers add a twist I don't normally try. Its humorous to me that even when I'm layering, its "neat and tidy." I guess my style will always be clean like that.

Its quite subtle, but I've been experimenting with patterned paper combinations. Goodness knows I've got TONS of it to play with. Watching all the Glitter Girl videos has given me new confidence with mixing and matching them.

There are six patterns in this layout, but they are subtle and mix well because of the colors.

As seems to be the theme of late, this is old and new mixed together - an old layout sketch, some older products, a new approach to patterned paper, a new style attempt.

Peace, ya'll!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Another Flashback - Fire Truck

Hard to believe that the little man in these photos is now seven years old and headed to the second grade!!!

I remember clearly that I wasn't able to go to the festival where these shots were taken due to my work schedule. My sweet husband made sure to take lots of photos so I could relive the day. I can almost feel his excitement still when I look at these pictures.

And though he's growing up, his fascination with fire trucks is still strong...sigh...little boys rock.

This is a mix of various Fancy Pants lines...some Wonderful Day, some Memories Captured, and Cream alpha stickers colored red. The yellow chevron washi is from Doddle Bug and the red measuring tape washi is from my stash as is the red paper. A star punch and some red jewels finish this one out. 

Speaking of jewels, never would have imagined that I would be using jewels on a layout about fire trucks for a little boy. But it just needed some sparkle!

I find with my layouts I got back to the same red, yellow, orange, green and black color combos and that I tend to favor that shelf layout foundation.

I've been working on honing my style to take advantage of the things I do well and enjoy the most in order to stream line my scrapping. This foundation is definitely a favorite! I'm sure now that I've pointed it out, you will notice how often I use this go-to for my pictures.

By the way...those Fancy Pants letters?  My absolute favorite letters. The perfect size for me, and the font is one I LOVE...I wish they had them in more colors!!!

Peace, ya'll!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hello, again, World!

Back in the saddle!!!

I've been away a LONG time from my little bloggy. Sometimes you have to take a break from writing and documenting and scrapbooking about life and actually LIVE a little life. 

We've been having some fun, finishing up school, finishing up projects, just doing what families do.

I've been working on projects, experimenting and working through older pictures. Its fun sometimes to go back a bit and see my guys a few year ago.

This layout commemorates the one and only time my littles went to the pumpkin patch together on a school trip. I can't believe how big my guys are getting. It doesn't feel like that long ago that we went to this little patch. But  now that the younger will be as old as my big boy is in these pictures, I realize how much time has passed. Sometimes my hobby is a bittersweet trip down memory lane...

Not only are the pictures a flashback, the paper I used is as well.

Some time ago, I bought an Epiphany Crafts Hexagon punch and the cute acrylic shape stickers that are part of the system. I've messed with it a bunch, but not done any actual layouts until this one. 

For this one I broke out some old Authentique Thriller Paper and used it with letters from Sn@p and Fancy Pants. The hex punches make a great little accessory and an occasional acrylic overlay makes some shiny and dimensional.

Many of the layouts I've done recently have been using older products from my stash. Most know that I love new scrabooking products. I'm totally a junkie. But I also love the challenge of using my older things in new, fresh ways. It very much challenges my creativity.

Here's a great challenge: use an old product with a newer technique...what do you end up with? Link me up!

Peace, ya'll!