Friday, September 06, 2013

Two For - Silly Bunnies

Remember when I told you that I often find myself doing two layouts at once, using much the same pattern or even similar photos of my boys?

I've had a bit of a surprise going through photos when I found that I had nearly identical bunny-ear photos of each boy at pretty much the same age.

I had also been holding on to some Basic Grey Paper Cottage I picked up on a shopping trip and it seemed perfect for bunny ears.

On this note, why do I find bunny ears so stinkin' cute?  I think I buy new bunny ears every year for each of my boys and I never tire of taking their photo wearing them.

Jayden was not so fond of them when he was smaller. He often pulled them off, so getting his picture was some kind of miracle.

Noah, on the other hand is often to be found wandering around the house in a random pair of bunny ears. I think sometimes he puts them on and forgets he has them on.

I've been experimenting with washi, and layers. Not an overly comfortable technique to me, to be honest. But practice, practice, practice...

Peace, ya'll!


Nicole Maki said...

So much cute! Love how adorable your pics are.

Great LOs too. I often find myself doing the same thing.

Wonderful work!

Meghann Andrew said...

Such a great way to get two layouts knocked-out at once! They look great too! Ya know how I feel about layers... :-) have a great weekend!

**** April **** said...

Love all the business you have going on in the upper right hand corner. Cute cute cute