Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Experiment; Smaller Photos

Normally, I scrapbook straight 4 x 6 photos or some reasonable crop of them. I'm very interested in keeping things simple and there isn't much more simple than keeping the photos the size they get printed in and going with the flow.

This has three photos, all 2.5 by 4. For me, the challenge was dealing with the real estate that would normally be covered by larger photos. All together, they take up about the same space as one 4 x 6 photo. 

I just couldn't abandon the "shelf" I use so often to get my layouts accomplished.

In this case, some things are placed on the shelf to the upper left of the photos and some things to the lower right in order to draw the eye across the page.

Also, the heavier paper was placed below the shelf and the lighter feeling paper above. 

Normally, finding papers that can compliment both the orange sweatshirt my boy was wearing and the pink sprinkles in his hand would be impossible and i would have to switch the photos to black and white. 

But this was rather successful with the full color photos!

There is a lot of dimension on this that is hard to see.. Many of the stickers are raised with dimensional adhesive to give them a bit of a lift and the title thickers are leather-like.

Not bad for my little experiment!

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