Monday, August 19, 2013

Vacation's All I Ever Wanted

Well, well, well....its that time of year when little's go back to school and parents everywhere breathe a sigh of relief at being able to get back to schedules, routines and some level of least that is what THIS parent is doing.

I LIKE schedules and organization and the immense possibility of a new school year beginning...

I'm ready to get my planner in shape, to stock the fridge with some school lunch possibilities and to settle into some days where we have a routine. I think my husband is just ready for some quiet time around the house to work, since he works from home.

BUT...we literally just returned from vacation...a lovely, fun and water filled beach vacation...

There was a bit of this...though truth be told, there was as much bickering as hugging with these two...they love each other immensely, but they ARE is that whole competition thing..

There was some of case you can't tell, that is dancing...with wild and joyful abandon.

There was some napping...mostly in our condo, but this was an attempt on the beach.

There was a bit of this...which is pretty much all the further he would go into the water.

There was a LOT of this...and since the beach we were on was FILLED with Jellyfish....

There was one of these...this picture doesn't do it was the biggest, reddest, ugliest thing...and, honestly, it is STILL hanging around.

So...we switched to this:  The splash park/lazy river/big pool/kid pool at the condo. No jellyfish here!

Jayden took this...a budding photog!

There was some hugging and tickling...

That kind of looks more like this in all the pictures we DON'T show the internet...

And, of course, there was the mini-golf. This is our SECOND attempt. We got rained out the first time and ended up in the local diner eating desserts instead (not a bad way to spend a rain-delay!)

Now to settle back into the "real" life...but I do know this...I could very easily transition to a life in pony tails and flip flops!!!

Peace, ya'll!!

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**** April **** said...

The picture of the three of you....with his head thrown back in full on belly laughs is MY FAVORITE picture of you three -- EVER!!!!! You need to turn that black and white and blow that baby up and put it in your house.... it is THAT GOOD!!! THAT is a phenomenal candid shot.