Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Sketch to Layout

I get my sketches from everywhere, and sometimes I even draw my own! haha....

It seems funny that I would say "sometimes" about drawing my own. Honestly, I don't draw too many of my own...

I tend to modify an existing sketch to get to the layout I want. I rarely draw my own.

This one started with the pictures. I wanted a particular layout with the pictures, so this one is "from scratch."

It makes use of the very popular print collage, but I did this by hand rather than printing the collage out as is.

Here is my original sketch:

This layout is also a stash buster. It makes use of LOTS of leftover from a kit I made for the Counterfeit Kit Challenge.

This was my original kit:

This is the finished project:

I confess, the whole layering thing is still not a comfortable technique for me, for some reason. It took forever to get a layered frame I was comfortable with. 

Perhaps with more practice?

Peace, ya'll!

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