Monday, August 12, 2013

Scrapbooking on the Go

Scrapbooking on the go isn't something I've done much of.

Oh, I'm quite familiar with packing up my papers, trimmer and adhesives in a large scrapbooking tote and travelling to a store, a convention or a crop to spend the day. 

I do that about twice a year...and my friends do it once a month (to my house).

But packing all that stuff is just not that practical when we are talking about a family trip to the beach. That is a CAR trip. Heaven forbid I have to get on a plane...

I've tried ONE effort - it was our travel scrapbook last year...we did two family vacations and I dutifully took my smash book, mini printer and pen along...but somewhere in the midst of having fun on vacation, I didn't have a ton of time to actually sit down in our condo to put things into the book. It just wasn't my priority (over, say...a nap!)

Still, this is an idea I think I could master, but I believe it will take me putting together the right kit and then making the time at the end of each day to brain dump the day's activities, feelings and fun.

I've been saving up links to cool on the go scrapbooking kits as jumping off points. 

Here are a few scrapping on the go kits the intrigue me:

There is, of course, still the Smash Book route. Shaunte from Crafts Unleashed put a few Smash Book branded items in a zip lock bag and traveled England with them, documenting as she went. the results are so neat. I love how she had her children add their own journaling to the mix.

The plain old travel journal is always an option. I could easily pull off the Moleskin journal and add my photos, bits and pieces after all is said and done. Kari from the Babs Blog focuses more on the journaling aspect and displaying the yummy ephemera from her travels in her travel journal post. The results are just gorgeous...

Shimelle made a wonderful mini book and then dropped it into a tin with some adhesive, and a few basic supplies. I don't see myself making an album before I leave for a vacation, tho. There is enough else to think about before embarking on a trip.

The Scrappy Jedi Melissa Stinson also made an album, but it was much simpler (and more my style). Her criteria - it had to fit in her backpack for he weekend away. Now, she packed inks and mists in her quart-sized carry on of liquids...I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't venture there...still its cool to see what she included.

One of the best things about the latest "life booking" craze has brought about are an abundance of 4 x 6 and 2 x 3 decorative journaling cards. I love how Miss Smith of the Journal of Curious Things (don't you LOVE that blog name!?!?!??!) takes full advantage of mini letters and preprinted journaling cards as the means to her travel scrapbooking. She says up front that her ideas is not to be done when she gets back from her trip, but to have at least captured the important memories in the moment by journaling them. This just may be the best idea for me...hmmmm...

My final link is the Here We Go travel art kit assembled by Elizabeth Kartchner. Its so pretty. And its got a lovely canvas bag to hold all the bits and pieces. Honestly, I would NEVER do it this way...there are too many little things to keep track of...but what I LOVE is how she anticipates doing ART on her vacation. Why do I never think of doing ART on my vacation????

She even packed the kids their own art kit...which...well, lets just be honest, for me this would be an extension of MY kit...what with the paints, camera and all.

Have you scrapped while you travel? I would love to see what you took with you and how your finished travel journal turned out....please link me up!!

Peace, ya'll!

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