Monday, July 29, 2013

First Movie Theater Movie

I can't even begin to tell you when I experienced my first movie theater movie.

I know Jayden's first movie was Princess and the Frog at the dollar theaters. I took an afternoon off and Jay and I had a "date." Note to self: need to scrapbook THAT also...but where, oh, where are the pictures!!?!?

Noah recently experienced his very first movie theater flick - Despicable Me 2.

As a movie, it is a perfect little boy movie - filled with mysterious but not TOOO scary villians, a bad guy who turns into a hero, funny little guys doing funny little things, and , of course, a fart gun...little boys think that is hysterical. 

Since my kids would sit rock still for popcorn and a drink at home, the whole movie thing was a total win for us as a family outing. And the matinee makes it not such a blow to my wallet.

I scrapped this at lightening speed, since I had already been dabbling with a layout of hex frames and cut-outs.

My inspiration layout was published by  The Cricut Design Team in their project center:

Cute, right?  BUT...I missed the cut-off to get the cut files for free. When I compared the file content and its price with getting complete digital cartridges, I just could't justify the cost.

So, instead I purchased a digital kit that contained the hex pattern (plus a whole bunch of other images I'll use later!) and sat down to figure out the right measurements. Thankfully, I can still do measurement math and it all worked out.

Here is my take:

As you can see, a very close copy. I used slightly brighter colors, all from my scrap bin, and then did my journaling by hand without using the tag from the original layout.

Not a lot of dimension or embellishment, because of the pattern paper mix and the over/under use of the hex layout, I didn't do much beyond some stickers for the title and then penning some lines around the solid hex's to mimic the sewing on the original. Its very flat...something I think my scrapbooks might thank me for later!

I loved experimenting with my cricut...I've got plans to do some more cutting like this - a pattern or background image...But that is for another post!

Peace, ya'll!


Amelia Clark said...

Wow...This is what i have been looking for and you have done a great job. Beautiful cards.

Rachel said...

I LOVE it! I love the hexies. I've been sewing up a storm of them lately. Dang. If I start seeing your gorgeous pages again, I might even go back to scrapbooking myself! lol I haven't made a single page in years.

Meghann said...

So cool! Love it!