Thursday, November 22, 2012


So So SO many things to be thankful for today...I'm most thankful that my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ came from heaven to the earth for the salvation of mankind, while we were yet his enemies...

Thankful for a church family, a group of amazing people who have helped me learn and grow and reach and stretch.  

Thankful for this guy, my personal blessing from God.

Thankful for these amazing boys, and that God felt that they would be raised well in our home. They are the air I breathe and the joy in my heart.

Thankful for moments like this, where I get to see them love on each other.

Thankful for moments shared with my family at the beach this year. We don't get many days together in a year, but we make those we DO get count.

Thankful for in-laws who love me like their own and who love my kids with all their hearts.

Thankful for the beautiful women of Image Christian Preschool who have loved my kids, taught my kids the word of God and shown them how it put Christ into action in the world. LOVE these women!!!

LOVE my amazing friends, who have been my family and support system for years, who hold me accountable, who keep me grounded and who just love me unconditionally from around the world.

And I am thankful for my sound mind and body, and that my blessings are so abundant that I don't even have picturs enough to show them all to you.

May you all be Blessed this day!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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