Friday, October 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Baby!!!

Today, this sweet, smiley, happy, creative, smart, generous, crazy, fun, little guy:


He's an extreme joy to be around.

He sings constantly, easily memorizing the words to nearly every song. Usually, its the reigning women of country - Taylor Swift, Jennifer Nettles, and Miranda Lambert. But today it was No Doubt - he's a Gwen fan for sure!

He loves to draw - usually people, and most often superheros. He makes very detailed drawings, including clothes, accessories, hair colors, eye colors, setting and weather in his drawings.

He's a Marvel guy...Iron Man, Spiderman, Hulk, Captain America, Ant Man and the Red Witch.

He would eat chicken nuggets and mini corn dogs for every meal if we let him.

He doesn't like cake, but he does like pumpkin bread.

Angry Birds is is current obsession - everything is about the Angry Birds.

Reading is an activity he has always loved. He digs books and being all snuggled up in a chair or in his bed reading a book.

He's killer at karate - and likes to "practice" for mommy!

He's the BEST big brother in the world, looking out for his brother, protective, sharing, indulgent, and sweet.

He loves school and everything that goes with it. I am fervently praying that this love of learning lasts forever.

Most of all, he's a snuggler...he will still crawl up in my lap and nestle in...this mama's heart LIVES for that! 

Happy Birthday, little man!!!


Peace, ya'll!!!