Saturday, September 01, 2012

Heard at Our House - Noah's Almosts

Noah is at the lovely stage where words and expressions are ALMOST there...close enough to know what he is really saying, and super cute because they aren't quite right...

Here's a little sample: Can you guess what he's saying?

OOOO! Mommy! Wook at wainboat in da sky!

Mommy, I half chatsit on?

I wan quatriple kiss -  (I have to explain this one...we do this thing in our family where all four of us kiss at once. We call it a quadruple kiss....well...everyone but Boah. For him its a quatriple kiss)

I wan drawbreeze, not blue breeze. Not Pineaffle. Jus' drawbreeze.

Mommy? Boah half Donalds dinner?

Peas, Mommy?   Berry, berry peas?

Hoots, Mommy. Berry, berry hoots!

And finally, my favorite, when we get in the car, he will often say, "Want my window UP!" To which we say, "Your window IS up!" and he says, "Want my window DOWN!  PEAS!?!?!?!"  hee hee

Have an AMAZING DAY, ya'll!

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