Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A little color inspiration

While its still 90 degrees here and my family is planning a trip to the BEACH no less, my mind hit the "AUTUMN is HERE!" stage this week...

I had a lovely trip to the mountains this last weekend- Specifically to Lake James near Nebo, NC...

It looked like THIS out my windows each morning:

Our first day there, the weather was warm and humid and very, very much like the rest of my August...sort of oppressive.

BUT over night the weather changed...and suddenly, overnight, it was autumn...

Crisp, and not humid, where the mornings smell like wood fire and a sweatshirt is required.

Of course, it got me immediately in the mood for Pumpkin Spice lattes and baking and having soup for dinner, though probably the idea of hot coffee and soup vaporize in the afternoon's 90 degree temperatures.

STILL, this weekend, I will be breaking out the Autumn decor, putting the proper seasonal wreath on my door and maybe getting some pumpkin bread going.

The nearly instant change also has me looking for some autumnal color inspiration for my scrapbooking and decorating.

Now, color inspiration can be found anywhere, but I happen to be addicted to a couple of different sites that regularly find their way onto my Pinterest I went looking for something that made me feel like September...this is what I found:

From Design Seeds:

From Creature Comforts:

And another from Design Seeds (this is really rather Octoberish, but I couldn't resist!):

What colors, sights, sounds, and smells make you feel like autumn? Do you like this time of year? (its my fave!!!) What season do you like????

Have a beautiful (autumn!) afternoon!

Peace, ya'll!


Meghann said...

That vacation sounds fantastic. I really miss a proper autumn (especially fall colors) down here in Texas!

The Sonboul's said...

ooo... I love these color combos!
And that photo is so pretty.

I think the smell of apple pie reminds me of Autumn and the warm sweaters justmake it better!