Monday, September 10, 2012

10 on the 10th...

Ten things I've learned from having children:

1) Sometimes a ponytail IS a good hair day.

2) PB & J is better than I remember.

3) Childrens toys are made in frighteningly bright colors that all clash when placed in one room together.

4) Dr. Seuss books are hysterical.

5) A child's giggle is so amazing that you will do absolutely rediculous things to make it happen.

6) The power of a lollipop is not to be underestimated.

7) That awesome Pottery Barn play room picture?  Impossible if actual children are involved.

8) Furniture has an irrisistable quality that forces humans to jump on it like a trampoline.

9) Light up shoes = cool.

10) Adults accept a lot of really confusing and rediculous things as inevitiable or fact or just the way it is. When you have to explain the WHY of something to a 5 year old, you realize how absolutely insane some things are. For example - the tradition of the tooth fairy...WHY does she come to my house? How, exactly, does she get in? and WHY does she want my teeth? and WHY does she leave money? its weird.

Peace, ya'll!

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Toujours-Moi said...

Indeed. Life is weird. But you need a child to see that. Hugs out of Germany