Friday, August 31, 2012

WHAT do you MEAN its September!?!?!?!

When did that happen?

When did it go from June to September?


I took a few months to re-group...and like a bad boyfriend, I didn't tell you I was leaving or why.  

It just seemed like I had more ideas and work and less time than ever to do the things I love. 

So...I gave up what wasn't absolutely necessary.  Bad blogger, I know...

But now its time to get back into the swing of things...

Well...I will tell you that I'm delighted to be back.

This time of year is always the "new beginning" time...much more so than January.

Its in the autumn that I change routines, learn new things, set up new organizational systems, move my hours, try new recipes...

And this autumn - Tuesday to be precise - we started THIS:

In case you don't know...that is my oldest...on his first day of KINDERGARTEN!!! 



Yes, he's a BIG kindergartener now and he loves the new school and his new teacher and just everything about this big step. He's so excited when he gets up that its all I can do to corral him into getting dressed and eating breakfast. I think he'd bolt right out the front door in his PJ's and run all the way to school barefoot first thing in the morning. Here's praying that he feels that way about school ALWAYS.

We also did this LAST week:

That's right, the little started HIS school...his first year without his big brother there. We are very interested to see how is little personality unfolds now that its just him. 


I have some ideas...and some projects...and some tutorials...and lots of fun stuff to share with you..

I am planning on a fun little retreat and have an on-line shopping box, a potential organizational coup, and a shopping trip to Archiver's that I plan to share...

And this coming season, I'm going to try dig into my process I define my style (with a little tools!), how my hyper-organized mind "does" creativity and perhaps some posts on how I turn my inspiration into real projects.

So...HI!  I'm BACK!