Friday, May 25, 2012

Heard at our house - Noah at 2.

Our Two-year old,  as you can imagine, is gaining words in leaps and bounds. Some days it feels like he’s added a whole new dictionary.

Since his brother talks non-stop, he’s determined to add his two bits to the conversation. You can imagine the insanely busy airwaves in our home with all this talking going on. Honestly, its a bit maddening.

The best part of this stage is that Boa can now keep up his end of any conversation in which he happens to find himself and perhaps even hold up BOTH ends of the conversation if it happens to be with one of his less verbal peers.

On top of that, he’s particularly funny, saying many of his trade-mark phrases with a coy little grin and his head cocked in mischief.

I may beeee messsss – normally follows a playing spree where much has been taken out and not much has been put away…or a coloring session with markers.

Mommy!  I won! – this doesn’t actually mean he won anything…it means he’s going to RUN.

I pay bow pins!!! – He wants to play a bowling game.

I a NAKET boy! – Little man has learned to take off his pants and socks and occasionally is successful with his shirt. He will often get as “naket” as he can and then present himself before you, announcing in all his pride that his is “naket.”

Oh!!! My gooness!!! – no real explanation needed here…

Sure, mommy! Sure! – now, this one is used to answer me when I ask him to do something, like put away his toys. But he is also in the habit of using this when he wants an affirmative answer to a question, like he's coaching you. For example: Boa have Cannneeee??? SURE, mommy! SURE!

Yes?  Yes? – another tactic used by the little one when he wants an affirmative answer to a question. For example: “Boa wat Monkey George? Yes? Yes?”
Monkey George – Curious George. For some reason, this comes out clear as a bell AND with a southern accent – jo-wer-j

Basssssketbawl Taaahhhget – Target…he’s always called Target the basketball store, because of the logo.

Shank you! – He’s very polite…

Pea joe-her jewwee – Peanut butter and jelly…though, he tends to tear the sandwich apart and eat only the bread with the jelly on it.

Issoh eesee fawwww wuv! – my boy is a fan of Linda Ronstadt! Do you recognize it as “its so easy to fall in love?” This little one, similar to his brother, sings a lot. He’s been heard singing the theme song to Footloose, Backyardigans, Curious George, and many other songs. He’s quite the song bird.

Got you me bro-der in hisssss han - He's got you and me, brother...nevermind...

I say pwed weejan! – this could be the pledge of allegiance to the US flag, the Christian flag or the Bible. He has learned all three in school and can recite each and every one of them. He has been known to stop elderly grand-parent looking people in stores to recite his "pwed."

I say ABC! – This precedes recitation of his ABC’s

No! Boah do it!!! – yes…we’ve hit the “I do it” stage…is awesome in a frustrating, time consuming, oh-no-he’s-not-a-baby sort of way.

I see twactoes???? – He likes tractors and front loaders and dump trucks. There is a construction site just south of our house…when we get in the car, he always asks if he’s going to get to see the tractors.

Fwont Woadah – in the tractor vein, this is a front loader.

Estimator – this is actually an EXC AVATOR…another tractor…

RRRRRAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWW – this is a dinosaur. Actually, in Boa-ese, it’s a Dino-Saw-yer (souther accent!)

And my personal favorite:

We went to get some fast food and play in a play area at our local Chik-fil-a. There was nobody in the restaurant, really. We were standing at the counter discussing what we might have and I looked at Boa and asked him what he wanted.

Little boy STEPPED to the COUNTER, joined his hands in front of himself, and started to shuffle his little feet, looking back and forth at the menu as though he were reading it and said:

UMMMMM….chiiiiickennnnnn nuggetttsssssshhhhh
An waffoh fwiessss…
An appoh jiss…

(that’s chicken nuggets, waffle fries and apple juice, in case you don’t speak “two-year-old”)

The lady behind the counter asked him, “How many nuggets would you like?”

And he said, “One, Two, Free, Foh!”

Of course I, the mother of this brilliant and brave toddler, stood by with my mouth hanging open, completely blown away…when did my two-year-old become capable of ordering his own meal?

Peace, ya'll!!


Tammy said...

It's so cool that you wrote all these down! That was a really fun read! :)

Meghann said...

This is totally a scrapbook layout!