Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Two for Tuesday - the plight for those in need.

There is always a lot of news about North Korea. Its somewhat fascinating, being the lock-down, closed country that it is.

I find stories of North Korea sort of like reading a horror novel...they are often gruesome and cruel, yet I cannot look away.

In the last two days, I've stumbled nearly by accident onto two different stories involving North Korean refugees.

So, today, I thought my two-for might be a long-read and an article about North Korean refugees.

I was both startled and horrified at this article by the Guardian that is an excerpt from the book Escape from Camp 14 about the prison camp life and escape of Shin Donghyuk.

North Korea has maintained that the camps that this man describes escaping from don't exist. But his body is a road-map of torture and this story is gut-wrenching. My heart broke at the peril a child born into this environment suffers. The precious lives of children shouldn't be filled with these horrors. You can read the entire excerpt HERE.

The second article I stumbled upon was actually via Tom Davis' Red Letters Blog. You can see Tom's Post HERE and more from the New York Times HERE.

Today, I want to say that we are the most fortunate people on the planet, born to a wealthy western country that allows us to have choices, where food is abundant and where shelter and running water are things we take for granted.

There are millions of people in the world, both in and outside of our country, who are far less fortunate than most who would even have access to read this blog.

I'm going in search of something to DO to share my exceptional wealth and blessing with others...

How about you?

Peace, ya'll.

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