Friday, March 23, 2012


10 years ago today, I married the greatest guy...handsome, clever, and SO FUNNY!!! It was a misty mountain day, in front of a fire, in the HUGE two-story living room of our friends, surrounded by family and friends we were so close to that we called them "family."

I remember thinking that I should be very careful descending the stairs so that I didn't embarrass myself by falling...HAHA!!!

A lot of our life is filled with this sort of shenanigans! My husband, above all other things, has the ability to make me laugh...and considering how serious I am on a regular basis, this is a true and beautiful gift! Its the best gift he could give me - laughter.

And each day, I leave my home to work and entrust the two most precious gifts God has ever given me into his care. He's an amazing father...AMAZING!!! He has a natural ability with kids, but has a very very special love for his boys. They represent for him the amazing Grace of a loving and generous God.

Happy Anniversary, Babe!!!

I love you SO MUCH!


Tammy said...

Happy Anniversary to you and your man!!

Rachel said...

Congrats to you both. Happy Anniversary! :)