Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Two for Tuesday - Happy Valentine's Day!

This year, I was completely enthralled by all the really great handmade Valentine options I found on the crafty and scrap blogs as well as on Pinterest.  Pinterest is really the BEST social networking site I've ever seen. I could spend hours on that site!!

But I digress...

I did some handmade valentines last year for Jayden, but at the last second, he decided that he wanted to buy the boxed kind from Target. This is some sort of thing that happens with kids, right?  If you BUY their holiday paraphernalia, they wish it had been homemade. If you make it, they wonder why in the world it couldn't be the store bought stuff...


This year, he was on board when he saw the tutorial for Wild Animal Valentines done by Design Mom. You can see her version (and get a free download) HERE.

They turned out SO cute:

Noah, who has not got any care in the world when it comes to Valentines, got a version of the Superhero Valentine posted by Little Bit Funky. You can see the originals (and, again, a link to a free download) HERE.

This was our version:

Next year, I'm totally doing something with their pictures...and I'm not asking them what they think! :-)

Peace, ya'll


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Christine said...

such unique valentines! I love them! :)