Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Muse - The One with the Iceberg...and the Penguins

How come winter always looks so much better in pictures?

Jason Row Photography has captured this amazing image of glacier ice and penguins.

Its so gorgeous, I ALMOST want to go there. But as I've said to many a soul who would listen, I didn't get the "snow" gene. My mom and dad live in northern Minnesota and my sister lives in the mountains of Colorado. You can be sure it snows PLENTY in both locations...and it gets bone-chilling cold.

Me, I prefer the South West or South East...give me a dry heat or a humid long as its a heat. I guess I'm a big ole wuss that way.

So...anyway...the muse...isn't the color AMAZING?!?!?!? I'm totally doing something with this colors scheme...

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