Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Two for Tuesday - Projects for 2012

Hey, everyone!!!

So sorry for the blogger silence!

We were very busy having a peaceful and family filled few days for the New Year. But I'm back and ready to get going with 2012!

This first Two for Tuesday is about the TWO things I'm doing in 2012 (or going to TRY to do, anyway). Here's my twist, tho...I'm going to be doing the 2011 versions because I DIDN'T do them in 2011, but still have the supplies and lessons to manage each one.

Number One is Becky Higgins' Project Life. I happen to have the Turquoise Edition. Its perfect for my little-boy-filled house:

Number Two is Ali Edwards' One Little Word. I'm using BUILD again as my word. You can read more about why I'm doing a repeat of a word HERE.

I'm planning at this point to do some regular updates on my progress through the year...I don't quite have the update schedule worked out, but its on my list of things to work through this year.

Bring on 2012!!!

Peace, ya'll!

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