Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Heard at Our House – Noah age 2

Some serious language going on at our house these days…little Boa is a TALKER (but really, with me AND Jayden in the house, how could he be anything else?!?!?!).

He can really get going sometimes and its hard to follow along. I think his record sentence at the moment is 10 words…it was something about calling Daddy to bring him his paci and his medicine….The problem is that his brain is working way faster than his tongue.

Here are a few phrases we heard a lot of in December:

Nee nend = The End…he says it at the end of tv shows and books

Boa Wah Er = Boa’s water

Mommy! I hep me! I hep me! = He wants to help, Mommy.

Mommy! I cose!!! = He’s going to close something…usually a door…often a door not in need of actual closing, but an open door is too much temptation for him.

Narn jiss = a step up from the previous “jiss” this is ORANGE juice.

Bye bye cool! = good-bye to the school.

Un, two, fee, foor, fi, sis, ate = counting. He leaves out seven pretty much all the time.

Wee Boo = read book (and when he’s done, Nee nend!)

Err Boa Sassy? = Where is my paci?

Mommy! Boa sin cheeses!!! = He’s going to sing about Jesus.

ANENN!!! = again, usually in response to something like sliding down the stairs or jumping off the couch.

Nee nee nose, nee nee nose, neeno awwwww way. HEY! – this is Jingle Bells. He also sings Happy Birthday Jesus and I’m so Sorry from Yo Gabba Gabba

Boa ree dory? = Can I have a story? This little boy will actually lay in his own crib with a book and read himself to sleep.

Canee? Boa Canee? – can I have some candy?

Mommy core cuca Boah? = Mommy, will you color Mickey Mouse with me? I know this one is kinda funny…Cuca is Mickey Mouse…and Core is color. Sometimes this phrase has an explanation point rather than a question mark. If that happens, he’s ordering me to color with him rather than asking.

Puppy sort? = the shirt with the dog on it…or the puppy costume.

He’s getting the hang of his colors too. If you ask him what color blue, yellow, green, purple or red are, he will always get them right – Boo, wewwo, geen, poopoo and ret. After that, he will guess “wi” for white first before guessing other color names he knows. So far, he’ll guess pin, bown, narn, and bat (pink, brown, orange and black) in no particular order…sometimes he’s right…sometimes not.
And finally, my favorite:

No were! No were!!! = which means “it doesn’t work”

I totally understand.

Peace, ya’ll!

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