Wednesday, January 25, 2012

CHA favorites

Oh, you KNOW I had to get into the fray...

The fray of listing my favorite CHA sneaks so far, I mean.

I love to do this CHA window-shopping and see who is doing what and where the trends in paper crafting and hobby products are going. Just to be honest, I window (computer window's that is) shop way more than I ACTUALLY shop. Though, my studio would give some pause...

In the end, before anything I see hits my shopping cart I have to touch it. I'm tactile like that.

At any rate, I've been studiously avoiding posting this in hopes that I would see EVERYTHING before having to identify what my favorites were.

Alas, I cannot wait any longer and simply MUST share with you the things that will be on my shopping list this time around.

I feel a spring shopping spree coming on!

First up...the luscious button line that Bella Blvd put out. I'm a huge fan of buttons...and the line that Bella has put out is so going to be in my collection! I really really like the the Wood Mix set and the Masculine set. Really.

I'm a big Crate Paper fan anyway, but this Story Teller line has me planning layouts already. The papers are SO my style and I've never met a CP border sticker that I didn't absolutely LOVE! In this collection, its the brads and, you guessed it, the BUTTONS that have me drooling.

I do love the Dear Lizzy lines, but, since I have boys, and her lines are very feminine, I rarely get to actually use her products. BUT I think I'm going to have to find a project to use some of the things she's come up with for the Neapolitan line. I love these little ribbon hangers and the Flutterbys.

I've not used a lot of Donna Downey products, but the things she's releasing with Prima may just change that. I am really loving the resin blossoms and the canvas banners.

Fancy Pants Be You line looks adorable:

As does their Childish Things collection:

Jillibean soup always has something totally yummy in their line up. This time out, I'm really liking the Game Day Chili line...Oh, those STARS!

Now, normally, I love the Jenni Bowlin products in theory but have a lot of trouble using them in reality. However, she has some really amazing things in her line-up for this CHA. The Quilted Stickers, Hodgy Podgy Stickers are SO adorable! And her punch line-up is really innovative. I'm thinking that Jester punch is totally finding a home in my studio!

KaiserCraft has a line out this time called Technologic. This one looks like it has some very promising things for scrapping boys, no?

October Afternoons sneakys all look amazing, but I'm partial to this 9 to 5 sneak. I really want to get my hands on some of this!

And, as always, most of my heart left my body when I saw the new Studio Calico releases. I think its the amazing way they design gender neutral products that makes me swoon. They really have a way with striking images that can be used in a variety of ways. They are MASTERS of the neutral zone...MASTERS!

Finally on my list is the Simple Stories line called AWESOME. I actually like ALL of their products this time out, but the Awesome line is very in my zone. The new journal/scrapbook they've come out with is brilliant and infinitely flexible. I've been plotting ways to use it for just my every day notes and living.

So, there you have it...did you notice my list was in alphabetical order? I'm weird like that...

So...what do you think? What has caught your eye from the CHA releases this year? I know that CHA is not limited to Scrapping...what about you frabric or yarn crafters out there? Seen anything you have to have from this season's releases?

Peace, ya'll!


Bonita Rose said...

so much amazing things to be sure.. but sighs.. I hv way too much stuff and this year I hv told myself I will use what I have.. now I'm really selective as to what I buy.... you can still make pretty things with older product! Hugs.. thks for your comment on Nicole's blog about my gift wrapping kits.. hugs xo

Meghann said...

Thank you so much for posting these, as most of them I haven't seen yet! I am trying to get caught up and haven't seen hardly any of the new releases. I am also very excited about the CP new stuff. Have a great weekend!