Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Muse - The One with the Pirate Ship Bedroom.

I guess I'm on an arcetecture kick this month...all my muses have had amazing building projects in January...

I've been in the process of turning Jay's bedroom into something more big-boy-ish...

In my pursuit of ideas, I came across a very cool Pirate Bedroom designed by Steve Kuhl. You should seriously click on this link and see all the amazing shots...

My only concern is what you do if the kid ever decides he likes cowboys better...

Peace, ya'll!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

CHA favorites

Oh, you KNOW I had to get into the fray...

The fray of listing my favorite CHA sneaks so far, I mean.

I love to do this CHA window-shopping and see who is doing what and where the trends in paper crafting and hobby products are going. Just to be honest, I window (computer window's that is) shop way more than I ACTUALLY shop. Though, my studio would give some pause...

In the end, before anything I see hits my shopping cart I have to touch it. I'm tactile like that.

At any rate, I've been studiously avoiding posting this in hopes that I would see EVERYTHING before having to identify what my favorites were.

Alas, I cannot wait any longer and simply MUST share with you the things that will be on my shopping list this time around.

I feel a spring shopping spree coming on!

First up...the luscious button line that Bella Blvd put out. I'm a huge fan of buttons...and the line that Bella has put out is so going to be in my collection! I really really like the the Wood Mix set and the Masculine set. Really.

I'm a big Crate Paper fan anyway, but this Story Teller line has me planning layouts already. The papers are SO my style and I've never met a CP border sticker that I didn't absolutely LOVE! In this collection, its the brads and, you guessed it, the BUTTONS that have me drooling.

I do love the Dear Lizzy lines, but, since I have boys, and her lines are very feminine, I rarely get to actually use her products. BUT I think I'm going to have to find a project to use some of the things she's come up with for the Neapolitan line. I love these little ribbon hangers and the Flutterbys.

I've not used a lot of Donna Downey products, but the things she's releasing with Prima may just change that. I am really loving the resin blossoms and the canvas banners.

Fancy Pants Be You line looks adorable:

As does their Childish Things collection:

Jillibean soup always has something totally yummy in their line up. This time out, I'm really liking the Game Day Chili line...Oh, those STARS!

Now, normally, I love the Jenni Bowlin products in theory but have a lot of trouble using them in reality. However, she has some really amazing things in her line-up for this CHA. The Quilted Stickers, Hodgy Podgy Stickers are SO adorable! And her punch line-up is really innovative. I'm thinking that Jester punch is totally finding a home in my studio!

KaiserCraft has a line out this time called Technologic. This one looks like it has some very promising things for scrapping boys, no?

October Afternoons sneakys all look amazing, but I'm partial to this 9 to 5 sneak. I really want to get my hands on some of this!

And, as always, most of my heart left my body when I saw the new Studio Calico releases. I think its the amazing way they design gender neutral products that makes me swoon. They really have a way with striking images that can be used in a variety of ways. They are MASTERS of the neutral zone...MASTERS!

Finally on my list is the Simple Stories line called AWESOME. I actually like ALL of their products this time out, but the Awesome line is very in my zone. The new journal/scrapbook they've come out with is brilliant and infinitely flexible. I've been plotting ways to use it for just my every day notes and living.

So, there you have it...did you notice my list was in alphabetical order? I'm weird like that...

So...what do you think? What has caught your eye from the CHA releases this year? I know that CHA is not limited to Scrapping...what about you frabric or yarn crafters out there? Seen anything you have to have from this season's releases?

Peace, ya'll!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Muse - The One with the Hobbit Hole

Its no secret to most people that I would like to visit the Shire...

You know, the place where the Hobbits live...

Even tho, it looks more like this in real life...

Even though sheep have moved in and are calling it their own.

The fact that there will be a Hobbit movie and that they have, once again, created a shire for the movie has done nothing to assuage my desire.

Then I stumbled across the story photographer Simon Dale who built his own little Hobbit house, his one-man Shire. Oh sure, he was all into getting rid of his mortgage, building a suitable home on a budget and doing it green and all that. Noble to be sure...

But what I'm most impressed with is how much it looks like a place Bilbo would love.

Simple muse today...who has done what you want to do? Who has done it in a way that you admire? In a way that makes you believe maybe someday YOU could do it???

Peace, ya'll!!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Counterfeit Kit - January 2012

I'm pretty late on posting this, but its time for another installment of Counterfeit Kit Challenge.

I actually had my kit done about a week ago, but I haven't had a lot of time to get things on my bloggy blog this last week.

The inspiration kits are the December kits from Cocoa Daisy.

The two I chose to counterfeit are the Amber Snowflake and Cocoa and Marshmallow kits:

I was inspired by the blue, yellow and red as well as the alphabet in the Cocoa and Marshmallows kit. I chose to combine the kits into one large kit and focused on trying to get the same intensity and a variety of patterns in the kit. This is what I came up with:

Recollections Yellow
Recollections Navy
Bazzill Vanilla
DCWV Black
Paperbilities Kraft

Printed Paper:
Crate Paper Toy Box Collection Build
Basic Grey Out of Print Odds ‘n Ends
Basic Grey Fruit Cake Tidings/Wintermint
My Minds Eye Frost Signature Collection Ice Crystals
My Minds Eye Tres Jolie Bonjour Memories
My Minds Eye Lost and Found Union Square Home Sweet Home
My Minds Eye 29th Street Market Classic Every Day Fresh Linens
Jillibean Soup Pinch of Electrons
Jenni Bowlin Studio Vintage Black Ledger
Collage Press Knave of Hearts Collection Queen of Hearts
Collage Press Knave of Hearts Collection Knave of Hearts
Studio Calico State Fair Collection Tickets Please
Foof-a-la Red Ledger
Daisy D’s Paper Company Belie Jardiniere

American Crafts Thickers Doll Black
Pebbles Happy-Go-Lucky ABC Stickers Black
Chatter Box Alpha Stickers Scarlet
October Afternoon Mini Market Stickers Indigo & Cream
October Afternoon Mini Market Stickers Yellow & Black
Crate Paper Borders Portrait Collection
Crate Paper Borders Toy Box Collection
EK Success Sticko Ruler border stickers

Embellishments (continued):
Crate Paper Sew Brads Portrait Collection
Crate Paper Flea Market Buttons Portrait Collection
Lost and Found Rosy Love Buttons
Li’l Davis Designs Chip Art Coasters in Discover, Original and Be Yourself
K&Co SMASHtape in Black Dots
Heidi Swapp Chipboard pieces
Paper Reflections Creative Manilla Tags

I've got some photos and sketches picked out for this kit already. Now, lets see if I'm up to scrapping this weekend!


Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday Muse - The One with the Water Cube

Remember the Beijing Olympics and the amazing structures built for the events?

The Water Cube, aka the Beijing National Aquatics Center was one of the great looked like this:

NOW, it looks like this:

Now that is one seriously cool upcycle...

This is kind of a blow you away, I wish I could go to that water park in China muse...

What'ca think?


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Some time ago, I started counterfeiting kits following along with the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog.

The first attempt I made to counterfeit a Studio Calico Kit. You can read more about which kit and my contents HERE:

My counterfeit looked like this:

I had not done ONE single layout from that kit as I had used several others instead as this one was put away in my studio and I hadn't gotten it out.

But I finally got it out and did this little layout...



Cardstock: Craft (I believe this one is Bazzill, but honestly it's not labeled and I cannot remember)
Printed Paper: Pebbles Happy Go Lucky Dandy
Jillibean Soup Old World Cabbage Stew Diced Tomato
Creative Imaginations Creative Cafe Double Vision
Letters: Studio Calico Elementary Collection
Die Cuts: Cosmo Cricket Cogsmo
Ink: Papertray Ink
Buttons: My Mind's Eye Lost and Found Rosy Love
Brads: my Mind's Eye Lost and Found Market Street Love

This one is from a very simple sketch that I drew out thinking I had three photos to work with.

A few quick mods and it accommodates two!

Have a GREAT day!


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Two for Tuesday - Spaces

Hello, all!

I've got two more layouts to show you on this two-for Tuesday.

These are of the boys at approximately the same age - between 14 and 16 months - trying to fit themselves into tiny spaces.

As I've done before, I tried to keep the layouts similar, but treat the pictures individually. The same sketch was used as a base. Its this one from October Afternoon:

First is Basket Case:


Cardstock: American Crafts
Printed Paper: Crate Paper Random Collection Denim
Simple Stories 100 Days of Summer Simple Pleasures
Sassafras Serendipity Crimson Dots
Border Sticker: Crate Paper Random Collection
Ribbon: Tim Holtz Ruler Ribbon
Buttons: My Mind’s Eye Lost and Found Rosie
Brads: Crate Paper Sew Brads Portrait Collection
Letters: Arctic Frog, October Afternoon Mini Alpha
Punch: Martha Stewart
Font: My Underwood
Adhesive: Tombow Mono Adhesive, Scotch Glue Stick, Glue Dots

Next up, Boa in a Box:


Cardstock: American Crafts
Printed Paper: Crate Paper Random Collection Victorian
Crate Paper Random Collection Denim
Sassafras Serendipity Crimson Dots
Border Sticker: Crate Paper Random Collection
Ribbon: Tim Holtz Ruler Ribbon
Buttons: Crate Paper Flea Market Buttons Portrait Collection
Brads: Crate Paper Sew Brads Portrait Collection
Letters: Arctic Frog, October Afternoon Mini Alpha
Punch: Martha Stewart
Adhesive: Tombow Mono Adhesive, Scotch Glue Stick, Glue Dots

Have a BEAUTIFUL Tuesday, everyone!


Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Heard at Our House – Noah age 2

Some serious language going on at our house these days…little Boa is a TALKER (but really, with me AND Jayden in the house, how could he be anything else?!?!?!).

He can really get going sometimes and its hard to follow along. I think his record sentence at the moment is 10 words…it was something about calling Daddy to bring him his paci and his medicine….The problem is that his brain is working way faster than his tongue.

Here are a few phrases we heard a lot of in December:

Nee nend = The End…he says it at the end of tv shows and books

Boa Wah Er = Boa’s water

Mommy! I hep me! I hep me! = He wants to help, Mommy.

Mommy! I cose!!! = He’s going to close something…usually a door…often a door not in need of actual closing, but an open door is too much temptation for him.

Narn jiss = a step up from the previous “jiss” this is ORANGE juice.

Bye bye cool! = good-bye to the school.

Un, two, fee, foor, fi, sis, ate = counting. He leaves out seven pretty much all the time.

Wee Boo = read book (and when he’s done, Nee nend!)

Err Boa Sassy? = Where is my paci?

Mommy! Boa sin cheeses!!! = He’s going to sing about Jesus.

ANENN!!! = again, usually in response to something like sliding down the stairs or jumping off the couch.

Nee nee nose, nee nee nose, neeno awwwww way. HEY! – this is Jingle Bells. He also sings Happy Birthday Jesus and I’m so Sorry from Yo Gabba Gabba

Boa ree dory? = Can I have a story? This little boy will actually lay in his own crib with a book and read himself to sleep.

Canee? Boa Canee? – can I have some candy?

Mommy core cuca Boah? = Mommy, will you color Mickey Mouse with me? I know this one is kinda funny…Cuca is Mickey Mouse…and Core is color. Sometimes this phrase has an explanation point rather than a question mark. If that happens, he’s ordering me to color with him rather than asking.

Puppy sort? = the shirt with the dog on it…or the puppy costume.

He’s getting the hang of his colors too. If you ask him what color blue, yellow, green, purple or red are, he will always get them right – Boo, wewwo, geen, poopoo and ret. After that, he will guess “wi” for white first before guessing other color names he knows. So far, he’ll guess pin, bown, narn, and bat (pink, brown, orange and black) in no particular order…sometimes he’s right…sometimes not.
And finally, my favorite:

No were! No were!!! = which means “it doesn’t work”

I totally understand.

Peace, ya’ll!

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Two for Tuesday - Projects for 2012

Hey, everyone!!!

So sorry for the blogger silence!

We were very busy having a peaceful and family filled few days for the New Year. But I'm back and ready to get going with 2012!

This first Two for Tuesday is about the TWO things I'm doing in 2012 (or going to TRY to do, anyway). Here's my twist, tho...I'm going to be doing the 2011 versions because I DIDN'T do them in 2011, but still have the supplies and lessons to manage each one.

Number One is Becky Higgins' Project Life. I happen to have the Turquoise Edition. Its perfect for my little-boy-filled house:

Number Two is Ali Edwards' One Little Word. I'm using BUILD again as my word. You can read more about why I'm doing a repeat of a word HERE.

I'm planning at this point to do some regular updates on my progress through the year...I don't quite have the update schedule worked out, but its on my list of things to work through this year.

Bring on 2012!!!

Peace, ya'll!