Wednesday, December 21, 2011



Mr. Noah Boa is Two...

Hard to believe this little bundle...

Now is this little bundle of energy:

At two, his favorite foods are grapes, french fries, fish crackers and raisins.

He's an amazing sleeper...a full two hour nap each day plus a full night's sleep. YEA!!!

He LOVES things that, essentially balls and cars.

Mickey Mouse is one of his favorite characters - he calls Mickey "Cuca"

He also loves the Backyardigans (the first song he ever really learned) and Yo Gabba Gabba - which he calls "YO YO GAB GAB"

Music and dancing are some of his most favorite things...he likes to dance along with YO YO GAB GAB and also can sing many of the songs - like Keep Trying and My Name Is.

He also sings Jingle Bells (NEE NEE NOSE), Happy Birthday Jesus (just the first two lines, over and over...and he substitutes Mommy, Jayden, Daddy and himself for Jesus when he feels like it), and Go Tell It On the Mountain. Go Tell It On the Mountain is actually Oh, Ell Ihhh Onnn Mahn Nen in Boa-ese.

He still sleeps in his crib because he has not yet figured out how to climb out. Once he's figured that out, we move on to the big boy bed.

He still uses a paci when he's going to sleep. Our kids have given them up fairly naturally...Boa willingly relinquishes his when he gets up. He won't be hard to break completely.

He likes stories, and can often be found reading to himself in his crib after he wakes up.

He LOVES school - he calls it "cool"

He calls himself "Boa" and identifies himself in the third person "Boa's cool day?"

He is a rough-houser. He likes to wrestle, run, jump, slide, spin, tumble and crash.

He's a mad sword fighter - even has the stunt-double "OH YOU GOT ME" move down.

He's a complete copycat right now.

He is usually the one who begins prayers at mealtimes. He tells us to "Pay" and then squeezes his eyes shut, folds his hands and sings a meal-time prayer.

He's extremely helpful - he picks up, puts things in the trash, likes to help carry things, will wipe cupboards or the fridge if you give him a wet paper towel, and thinks he knows how to use a broom. VERY helpful.

He likes to go to Target. He will even say "Mommy. I go Tahhhget."

He's got the GREATEST smile in town...seriously.

Happy Birthday, Noah Boa!


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Rachel said...

Happy Birthday, Noah! :)