Wednesday, December 07, 2011


Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Breathe in.

Panic would be such an easy way to go right now...

You see, there is SO MUCH TO DO!!!

There is an Elf on the Shelf.

There are Christmas CD's to be made.

There are photo projects.

I'm doing December Daily so I remember to SLOW DOWN and enjoy some of the month.

There are still gifts to purchase.

And wrap.

And ship.

Or hide.

There are cookies to be made.

There are little boys to entertain.

And lets not forget that I have a real job.

So...if see me only sporadically, please forgive me...

I'm living the best way I know how...

And fitting in as much as I can...

But the blog. Not always on the top of my priority list!

Peace, ya'll!


Kai said...

Tis the season, dear. :) Blogging is not at the top of my list much lately either... but I'm always here when you decide to write a post or three. Enjoy the time... the journey. :)

MaryC said...

HA! I haven't blogged in months! What's my excuse? I don't need one and neither do you.

**** April **** said...

oh my gosh....

you mean...


And all this time I thought you had a clone! Sheesh....