Thursday, December 29, 2011

Crayons and Color Books

This is one of those posts that falls under the "I can't believe you post about this stuff" heading for my husband. He is constantly laughing at me because I take pictures of my scrapping, crafting, baking or other general life stuff.

BUT, he texted me at work to tell me we were invited to a party that starts just as I will be arriving home.

For a little girl.

Girl stuff isn't exactly what I have on hand at any given moment. I have boys. And though it was just Christmas, there are no spare presents floating about. Not that I know of, anyway.


I punted.

Its been my experience that

1. New Crayons are ALWAYS special, no matter the age. I'm 41 and like opening a fresh box of crayons as much now as ever in my life.

2. Coloring books are fun to buy and fun to color in...especially when they don't have super heroes, Cars characters, dinosaurs, or Toy Story characters. In other words, the color books I buy for my boys are not as much fun for me personally as the ones I buy for other people's girls.

3. Michaels' dollar aisle has some pretty awesome things for hostess gifts, easy wrapping and general decorating. I make their bins a regular stop. Today they did not let me down.

So, I came back from Michael's with three really cute coloring books, some crayons, wrapping paper, ribbon and a pretty butter fly clip (which can be a hair clip when she's done unwrapping). EVERYTHING except the Crayons had a $1 or less price tag. The Crayons were $2.99.

After a little scotch tape, it looks like this:

Present crisis averted!

And, its super cute!

AND I have once again flabbergasted my hubs for posting about something totally mundane and innocuous.

Peace, ya'll!

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**** April **** said...

OK, I think that's totally adorable! And your husband doesn't have mammaries so he never WILL understand why you post bout some of the things you do. :) (I get it... I do. :) But then again... I got the mams!)

I will tell you, too... here is something to stock up on. Back to school time -- buy about 10 extra EVERYTHING (you know, when they're like 10 cents each) and then use a 40% off coupon from Hobby Lobby and grab a few of those canvas totes. Take them and have them monogrammed with the birthday boy/girl's initials or name (if you want -- we've used fabric paint and done it ourselves, too) and fill it full of art supplies (that were all purchased for pennies on the dollar) and voila...instant art kit birthday presents for next to nothing WITH a reusable tote! :) What's not to love! Last time they had those plastic pencil boxes on sale, I bought a ton and we will personalize those with paint pens!