Thursday, December 15, 2011

10 on our Tree

I find it amazing what ends up on our tree each year - especially since I used to have barely enough for one small tree.

There are some ornaments that come out year after year - like a blown-glass clown with very, extremely, dangerously delicate feet (why do I bring that out every year again!?!?!?), while some ornaments are brand new - like those that Mr. Noah received just last year.

We have so many ornaments that we could easily fill two trees (or more...). Sadly there is no SPACE for more than one tree in our home (unless you count the baby in Jayden's room, but I don't).

I am keenly aware that one day my boys will take their individual boxes of ornaments and decorate their own trees and our family collection will have diminished by lifetimes.

This year, the tree is full to overflowing with beautiful ornaments. I realized after sitting in front of the tree for some time that the ornaments on it say a lot about who we are as people.

This one says we love Jesus! We love the story of the Christ child, we believe he came for us and we celebrate His birth at Christmas. It also reflects an art style that is from my mom's side of the family - Norwegian Rosemaling.

Next up...a giddy, skinny Santa. This tells you we place Santa in the right role in our house...he's not such a serious thing. He comes, he leaves a present or two (never more than two) and fills up our stockings. But he's not the reason for our season. More for us, he represents the spirit of freely and joyfully giving to others.

Ahhh...Max and the wild things. This is Jayden's. He used to LOVE this book. We read it night after night after night and each time the story was new and exciting for him. This one tells you how much we love a good story in our house. We have several such book representations in our collection, but this one represents a book that is loved by both Mommy and the boys - a generational favorite!

Another precious Nativity ornament. It took me a few years of hanging it on the tree to NOTICE that the half-circle that the Holy family is sitting in was the wings of an angel. One night, by the twinkle lights, I noticed it for the first time. This reinforces how much the celebration of Christ's birth matters to us.

Luke and his Landspeeder. This is one of around 10 or so Star Wars ornaments. Star Wars is something that my husband LOVES. He has helped me to love it (not as much as him, but I LOVE it!) He waited in line as a kid to see what is now called Episode IV, but at the time was just Star Wars. Over the years, we've gathered many of his favorite characters. This tells you we love Star Wars.

I'm not sure how long this ornament will last. I hope for a very long time, but one never knows how these handmade things will age. This tells you that we honor the art and creativity of our children.

Mr. Grinch and his dog Max. This is another favorite story, cartoon and movie. I think this message is clear...we don't believe in grinching at Christmas and we fight to make sure our hearts are never two sizes too small.

Our praying gold angel is an ornament I bought long long ago when I could barely afford ornaments. Its so old, I'm surprised its lasted this long. Prayer is my lifeblood and this particular ornament is precious to me because I know that without prayer I would be completely lost.

Wolverine, Captain America and Ironman. Now, this is an ALL JAYDEN thing. Daddy is not a Marvel guy...he's a DC guy (you know...Superman, Batman...) but Jayden is all Marvel. He loves every single character and has taken a particular interest in the X-men. I confess, I'm pretty partial to Batman, myself, but this little boy has his own super hero's to admire!

This is a reindeer that Jayden and I made last year for his classmates. We didn't manage to get anything done this year (sigh...TIME!) but we have this one from last year hanging up so we can remember how easy it is to make art from every day things and how important it is to honor the craft of our hands.

So, there you have it...10 from our tree.

What's on yours???


Samantha said...

This year, more than ever, I've been aware of the treasures we have in our ornaments. One of my husband's aunts gives each a special ornament each year, as does his mom and some years his dad. Our tree doesn't match, but it's beautiful and filled with love and that's exactly how I want it. I do wish I'd taken more time to label each ornament with the year and giver - working on a plan for that this year.

Julie Ann Shahin said...

love the stories about your ornaments! especially about your faith! xoxo

**** April **** said...

I wanted SO BADLY to have ONE tree this year with all the great family ornaments on it but the boys wanted THEIR tree and I got "mine"

And I failed miserably with forgetting to get our Hallmark ornaments early this year! epic fail! :( So I'll have to wait and find them something to represent their year in ornament style some other place in the next day or so or just get it next year and SAY it was for this year. :/ dag nabbit!

Have you thought about doing a mini book ... just aobut your tree's ornaments and why they're special?