Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday Muse - The One with the Nativity Blocks

Ok, I'm breaking my only rule - no Christmas til after Thanksgiving.

Truth is, I've got Christmas on my mind. Mostly because our budget, like everyone's, I think, has gotten tighter and tighter...and Christmas will take some planning.

But I digress - normally, I don't do Christmas until after Thanksgiving is DONE...because I LOVE Thanksgiving and doing Christmas earlier than the day after Thanksgiving disrupts my tradtions.

Lets just not even go to the place where I'm not sure where I'm putting a tree this year to keep busy two year old hands from breaking something....planning, I tell you. It will all take planning.

So, back to my Christmas-before-Thanksgiving muse. Its this beauty that I found on Jame's Blog.:

I find it absolutely brilliant in both it's simplicity and its beauty...

How about you? What could you simplify and make more beautiful this year?

Peace, ya'll!

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